Date: 9-20-17


Fixed issues with "failed to authenticate" and no skins or champions showing. Also updated the GUI with the custom graphics I had done for this project. Optimized and fixed various little bugs.


Date: 11-07-17

Version 2 released!

Here is the new version LolSkinView 2. It's finally here, though not finished 100%. It will allow you to view and export all owned/not owned skins. Soon, you'll be able to do so much more with it! Hope you all enjouy it. Download it over at the Download section!


Date: 11-30-16

Updates about LoLSkinView

I have been analyzing the new League of Legends beta client. Once this client is officially released, lolskinview as it stands will no longer operate. The good news is that I have already whipped up a new prototype. It's actually going to be re-done from scratch and will not require the "DO_NOT_TRUST" certificate from Telerik's Fiddler. If you are interested in helping my debug/test this new application on the beta client, contact me.


Date: 5-1-16

Progress is being made!

Added the Vietnamese language for the website with some help of a LoLSkinView user! Thanks! I am adding features and working on the program finally after some technical difficulties. Currently also making a web interface so users can submit their skins to the website and have their own LoLSkinView profile!


Date: 4-1-16

Running into some trouble

So, I've been working hard to update the program. In the next release, LoLSkinView will detect all the chroma skins and many of the newer ones it's not detecting. My current issue is that the design of the programs interface, for some odd reason, is not properly rendering. I wrote this program over 2 years ago now, so there is a conflict with the newer version of the Telerik controls I originally made it with. I may have to start it from scratch, with a new interface. Any help is welcome, if you're interested and are experienced in Visual Studio 2013. Just contact me if you'd like to help me figure out the solution. Thanks again, and keep visiting for updates!


Date: 3-26-16

Current status on LoLSkinView

Hey guys, I have been made aware that some of the champions are not showing. Example: the newest champion as of today, Aurelion Sol. To fix these issues, i've been deciding if I should re-do the application so that it can be multilingual vs english only. Possibly starting from scratch. Leave me comments, questions or ideas by clicking the smiley face on the right side of any page(s)!


Date: 2-23-16

LoLSkinView is still alive!

There has not been much updates in over a year since the release of LoLSkinView. I am going to be updating it soon for release.

I've been getting over 20k+ views a month, which is really good! I thank you all that use my program.

Want to play a game (ARAM only these days) or have some questions for me? I'm on the NA server, summoner name is Console.


Date: 12-27-14

Version Released

Fixed the issue with Victorious Morgana on ALL regions. No more 99999+ showing as RP price.

Fixed the elophant option to send the correct amount of skins you own! Not 500+!


Date: 12-21-14

Fixed auto-updater!

As I was working on releasing the update which includes the feature to upload to elophant, I noticed after updating it was not actually replacing the EXE.. So, in the end it would just crash. Not updating or modifying the program! This has been fixed by re-packaging the ZIP And Installer versions. So, from now on any updates will always work!

Looking for translations!

I re-did the website completely for easier navigation and less confusion for new users! Don't want to scare them off! Now I am adding multilingual support and I am in need of translations! If you speak a language other than English or Spanish and would like to help me out, contact me over at the contact page!