January 25, 2018: New project!

Just started this project a couple days ago. Only works on Official servers, it will let you see just who carried you in previous games. Simple, quick and easy.

Try it out --> Who Carried Me?

October 22nd, 2017: UPDATED!

Make sure to "check for updates". Updated a bug that was preventing most VN users from Authenticating. Also fixed a bug in updater still running after updating.

September 20, 2017: UPDATED!

Sorry guys for taking so long. Helping with my father, whome has Lupus and is on dialysis after losing both kidneys. Trying to take care of him and keep up to date on this project. Takes a lot out of me.. Anyways, this should fix any issues people were having.

LoLSkinView 2 released, finally!

Get it over @ the downloads section!



I thought I had a friend, and trusted him to use my "alpha" program. He has instead created a "PAID" version of my program. It is using all the same source code from the current alpha. Do not support him and wait for the new version of lolskinview. It's going to have TONS of features.

Old client is dead! LoLSkinView No longer works.

HOWEVER. I've started a new version for the new client. It's very basic, but will show you all your owned / rare skins.

Download it here: LoLSkinView ALPHA
Make sure you are logged into the client first!