Beta is out!

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For anyone who wants to test out the beta version, head on over to HERE to try it out. It's not finished, but for all NA users, Elophant should work again! Please note, there are a lot of bugs that I know of, so do not be shocked if you come across a few!

What is LoLSkinView?

LoLSkinView is a Windows application that allows you to retrieve ALL the skins that you own on League of Legends. You are given the option to display the ones you either own, or do not own. From there you can get an idea of how much it would cost to buy all the ones you don't have.. or even better, you can see how much money you've spent based off your total RP that's been purchased!

If you are an analytical type of person who likes to see numbers, then you'll love this program. The reports generated will show you data for each individual champions skin. Some of this data shown is how much they originally cost, the date the skin came out, the date it was retired, if it's on sale and more! 

Features Overview

10x faster than Elophant!

Many people have said Elophant has a much more secure client and does exactly what LoLSkinView does. I decided to break the differences down so people could understand.

For example: Elophant proxifies your entire league client using the source code from a project called LoLNotes.This means everything is being captured and re-directed to its destination. This is why it can take up to 2-5 minutes just to login!


How much have you spent on League of Legends?

A lot of us who play league of legends are always thinking to ourselves 'I wonder how much I've spent?' Well, now you can get a very good idea by utilizing one of the awesome features of LoLSkinView!

I am currently aware of differences in the currencies, which could create a MINOR mistake when showing how much you've spent total. If you're unsure of these differences I speak of, check out this wikia page!

I will update to add accurate data per region for generating a more accurate average soon!